Sea change, tree change? Was it inspired by your last holiday or do you have a plan that considers how you will live in a lifestyle location? Day-to-day living and how you connect to the community is so different from city life, therefore your property strategy must consider how you and your family will operate in your new lifestyle destination.

“Chris really kept us focussed on identifying which properties would suit our family and lifestyle. She even went above and beyond by having a local builder look closer at any concerns we had… was great at connecting us with reliable local removalists and packers, as well as a handyman for any repairs after the move. We could’t be happier with the outcome knowing we had purchased a quality property that is perfect for our family.” – Craig, Sunshine Coast

Securing the right property can be a daunting and stressful experience, even for seasoned buyers. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or experienced investor, a buyer’s agent can greatly influence your property purchase journey.

An Evolving Market Moving Towards Buyers Agents:

According to James Hawes from the REIQ, 99% of sellers choose to appoint a professional real estate agent when selling their properties. However, there exists a paradox when it comes to the popularity of buyer’s agents compared to sales agents. This disparity is largely attributed to cultural factors. The good news is that cultural perceptions can shift, and it seems that such a shift is already underway. In cities like Melbourne and Sydney, buyer’s agency is a well-established and mature profession. However, in regional areas of Queensland, such as the Sunshine Coast, the concept of buyer’s agents has only recently started to gain traction. A catalyst for this shift was the border closures resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, the demand for buyer’s agents has grown in Queensland and the Sunshine Coast.

As the market evolves, more buyers on the Sunshine Coast are likely to recognize the value of working with a buyer’s agent. Having an expert on their side can lead to smarter and more successful property purchases, ensuring they secure the right property at the right price with favourable terms. With time, the role of buyer’s agents is expected to become increasingly important in Queensland’s real estate landscape, offering buyers peace of mind and a strategic advantage in their property transactions.

Top 5 reasons to appoint a buyers agent in a lifestyle location :

Here are five compelling reasons why you should consider partnering with a buyer’s agent for your next property purchase on the Sunshine Coast.

1. Exclusive Access to the “Hidden Market”

Buyers’ agents have access to listings that are not available to the public, providing buyers with more options to choose from. Buyers “…they’re missing 30% of homes.” says Zoran Solano, REIQ Buyer’s Agent Chapter Chair (2020). If you are looking for your ideal luxe home or investment, can you afford not to have access to off-market transactions?

“Buyer’s agents have access to a range of property listings that are not available to the general public.This access provides you with a broader selection of options to choose from, that can offer unique opportunities for your luxury home or investment needs” says Christine Mount, Leading Sunshine Coast Buyers Agent from Luxe Coastal Property Buyers.

2. Local Market Expertise

With their in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market, buyer’s agents can provide invaluable insights into property values, emerging trends, and desirable neighbourhoods. In our case, Luxe Coastal Property Buyers boasts over 17 years of local knowledge embedded within our team, ensuring that you benefit from a deep understanding of market nuances that can make all the difference in finding the right property at the right price.

“Understanding local market nuances is essential, particularly when in some streets, one side is three times more expensive than the other. Local knowledge & professional real estate advice avoids the buyer making critical judgment errors in the assessment of value” stresses Christine.

We are well connected to the agents in the local area, with particular insights into who is best in class, by property type, price point, and by suburb. This ensures first-look opportunities and access to off-market deals. Local agents understand the benefit of the buyers agent.

3. Skilled Negotiations

Navigating the complex process of negotiating the purchase price and terms of a property can be challenging, however, buyer’s agents are highly skilled in this area. Christine Mount, with a Bachelor of Business, in Property and over 30 years of property negotiation experience, brings her expertise to the table, ensuring that you secure the best deal possible without overpaying for a property.

Experience is irreplaceable particularly when assessing value and negotiating terms. Christine shines when navigating the complex, especially when emotions may be high, given a person’s or family’s individual circumstances. Buyer’s agents can identify which properties are worth their price tag and which ones may be over-priced or are likely to sell for more than their guide.

They can also determine if a property will likely cost you more in renovation and repair fees post-sale, which can also be an important consideration in your purchase decision.

4. Personal Representation and Comprehensive Due Diligence

As your buyer’s representative, Luxe Coastal Property Buyers acts as your personal guide and advocate throughout the purchasing process. We provide a level of protection and in-depth due diligence that ensures you make well- informed decisions. Our detailed approach covers everything from statutory and legal considerations to arranging independent consultants for building and pest reports, solar panel rebates, and more.

“When buyers are purchasing a property, in a Queensland Buyer Beware market, often a buyer, does not know, what they don’t know!…Process-driven due diligence takes the risk out of purchasing” says Christine Mount from Luxe Coastal Property Buyers, “we use an online platform where the buyer has a single point of reference and access to all the due diligence in real-time, whilst we undertake our SWOT analysis of the property. The buyer can easily access this information from their phones at their convenience 24/7.”

5. Save Time and Avoid Stress

“On average, we’d find a buyer uses up to 300 hours to search, inspect, negotiate and purchase a property,” says Zoran Solano, REIQ Buyer’s Agent Chapter Chair. “It’s not unusual to be actively searching for property for 6-12 months before purchasing.”

By entrusting a buyer’s agent with the legwork and research, you can save valuable time and avoid the stress of scouring open homes and interpreting conflicting market information. At Luxe Coastal Property Buyers we do the heavy lifting, filtering out irrelevant information and presenting you with properties and suburbs that align with your unique preferences and needs. Let us handle the research and market analysis, so you can focus on making confident and informed decisions.

Partnering with a buyer’s agent empowers you to make strategic property investments on the Sunshine Coast, avoiding costly mistakes and benefiting from a wealth of experience and expertise. The result? A smoother, more successful property purchase journey that aligns with your goals and aspirations.

To summarize, a Buyer’s Agent will help you:

  • Determine your ideal property strategy
  • Gain insight and knowledge from local market experts
  • Save time and avoid unnecessary stress
  • Benefit from comprehensive due diligence
  • Access exclusive “Off Market” opportunities
  • Enjoy skilled negotiations for the best price
  • Buy with confidence and peace of mind

Why are locals using Buyers Agent in Noosa and the Sunshine Coast?

Typically 40% of Luxe Coastal Property Buyers’ transactions are for local buyers; Luxe Coastal are not only purchasing properties for interstate and international clients but locals are also clearly benefiting from the value proposition of appointing a leading buyer’s agent on the Sunshine Coast. Christine Mount,

Founder of Luxe Coastal, highlights “We have local clients who even purchase within the same suburb; recent examples are Noosa Waters and Buderim; both families were seeking a family home of 5 bedrooms, however, their luxe was uniquely theirs. One family secured, a palm springs-inspired, architecturally designed home, on the Noosa Canals, whilst the family in Buderim was seeking dual living on acreage. We are currently looking for a family home on acreage close to Sunshine Coast Grammar School, for a family currently living on Kawana Island – their goal is to minimize travel time between school pick-up and going to work, so being close to the M1 is also important.

Why Work With Luxe Coastal Property Buyers?

Luxe Coastal Property Buyers Agents take you Beyond the Transaction – it is not just about doing deals, but truly understanding their client’s unique needs and tailoring a strategy and real estate solution that is uniquely theirs.

We are a team of dynamic professionals with a wealth of experience in negotiating property purchases. Christine Mount leads the team with more than 30 years industry experience and over $1.7B of transactions to her name.

As a team of expert Buyer’s Agents in Noosa and the Sunshine Coast region, our mission is to help you discover your new ‘luxe life’ on the Sunshine Coast. We use our local knowledge, contacts, and expertise to secure your ideal property. We’re well positioned to drive results and secure superior terms for all our valued clients whether you are an existing local, or relocating from interstate or overseas.


Living Your Luxe Life Podcast:

To find our more about investing in property in a lifestyle location, explore our podcast series, Living your Luxe Life, where we discover how people have managed the transition, what was front of mind for them before they moved and of course we share how they connected home with lifestyle & community. To have a soft landing, when you move to the Sunshine Coast, we share all the hidden gems, only locals know about, through the eyes of people who have already made the move!