Tree-change, sea-change, life change!

Christine Mount, the founder of Luxe Coastal Property Buyers, explains that the drivers for the geographical change are as personal and unique as the people making these decisions. The dream may be inspired by financial drivers, health, retirement, outdoor lifestyle for healthy children, or family & friends who have already made a move. Everyone has their own unique set of reasons.

Christine says, “The key to a successful move is all in the planning! You must be honest with yourself about what you and your family desire and be clear on your end goal. The next step is to gather the relevant data and make a fully informed decision, balancing the emotional with the practical. There are many considerations and logistical hurdles to overcome, yet dreams of a lifestyle location such as Noosa and the Sunshine Coast are propelled by the hope of a refreshed life where one can escape the exhausting “treadmill” and flourish in our natural environment”.

The excitement of a lifestyle change, is combined with fears of the unknown or simply unanswered questions:

• Is there a major city or international airport within a two-hour drive?

• What about work – how will I adapt my career? Are there quality co-working options and access to high speed internet?

• Is there access to art and culture?

• Is there a selection of fashion and shopping?

• What is the quality of schools like? Will my children settle into a new life?

• Coffee – where do I find quality coffee,? Restaurants, and bars – will I miss city life?

• Most importantly, how will I connect to the community?

We will, not only answer your questions but show you “what you don’t even know, you don’t know”. What does this actually mean? If you are living in a big city or abroad, you aren’t likely to be familiar with how hinterland acreage properties operate or how to find your feet in small coastal towns. We can provide all the resources to ensure you are fully informed, so you make your decision with your eyes wide open, to enable you to make a gentle entry into your new life.

Health and Wellness in a Lifestyle Location!

“Without health, there is no wealth” has a significant meaning for Christine. For her, wealth is abundance in all areas of life. Christine’s wellness journey brought her to Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, where she found home.

Robyn Singh and Sharlene Kelly, elite paddling athletes, host Christine on their podcast series “On the Water”. Listen to a “Journey of Healing – On the Water” After a 30-year successful career in international property, both in Australia and abroad, Christine’s world turned upside down after suffering from an autoimmune illness and fibromyalgia.

Moving to a warm climate, where ocean swims are the daily norm, not only helped her heal but regain her life. Not only did she step back into her old hobbies, but surprisingly, she discovered some new ones as well – for instance, paddling surf skis on the Noosa River and at the Mooloolabah Spit. Robyn and Sharlene create a beautiful community on the shores of the Noosa River at Noosa Paddle Sports .

Connecting to Community!

Whilst the motivations may all be unique, people soon discover that community anchors the heart and the soul of how people live in a lifestyle location. Christine says, “to truly embrace your new luxe life, one must embrace the community first. Noosa and the Sunshine Coast deliver this lifestyle in spades – the community spirit is second to none”. “

Connecting to a liked-minded community was not my driver to relocate to Noosa, but in hindsight, it definitely should have been top of the list!”

Community, laughter and tribe not only led to Christine’s full recovery but inspired her next property business venture as a Buyers’ Agent incorporating Home, Lifestyle and Community. It is with empathy that Christine seeks to understand her client’s’ unique set of motivations to ensure their next home supports their dreams and aspirations. While keeping an eye on the real estate fundamentals, Christine walks the fine line of balancing the emotional and practical when purchasing a home.

Are You an Expat Relocating back to a Lifestyle Location?

What kinds of problems do expatriates face when returning home? One of the most common problems is reverse culture shock, integrating into their “new” local domestic environment. To overcome these hurdles, we recommend:

• Connecting to a resource filled, liked minded community, even before you even return. Aussie Expats Coming Home provides an enormous resource “tried and tested”, for expats by expats. The facebook group has engaging conversations, with over 12,000 members across the globe, providing support to those navigating the return back.

• Lifestyle and Property Tours: Explore the lifestyle location you are considering moving to, through the lens of finding “home”, not simply a vacation. Luxe Coastal offers bespoke lifestyle and property tours of Noosa and the Sunshine Coast. We combine tours that enable you to feel and experience what community feels like, and discover the property aesthetics that appeal to you from both functionality and joy.

Luxe Coastal Property Buyers are not only one of the most experienced buyer’s agency in Noosa and the Sunshine Coast, we are also a team of expats who understand the trials and tribulations of repatriation and finding community upon your return. Personally, Christine found it much easier to connect to the community in Noosa, a lifestyle, compared to the big city of Melbourne – where people were firmly embedded on their own “tram tracks of life”. There are many expats on the Sunshine Coast, who gravitate to the great outdoors. Expats can connect with regular catch-ups, hosted by Aussie Expats Coming Home. This ensures you have a readymade tribe, on arrival. We love soft landings in your new home! Join the Facebook- group to keep fully informed.

What’s Your Luxe Life?

“Living Your Luxe Life” podcast series inspires others to take this first step in moving to a regional location. Conversations are held with women, exploring what was front of mind for them before the move. More importantly, Luxe Coastal Property Buyers share tips and tricks for other people considering the move to a lifestyle location.

The podcast series explores the Sunshine Coast and its many sub-markets, offering unique lifestyle choices from the coastal towns such as Noosa, Sunshine Beach, Sunrise Beach, Coolum and Mooloolaba. We also speak to women who have relocated to hinterland properties in Doonan, Eumundi and Boreen Point. The podcasts uncover many hidden gems only locals know about; this enables people to have a sense of connecting to the community even before they arrive.

One thing is certain, your luxe life is uniquely yours – you just need the courage to jump in and do it!

Christine explains that recently two clients brought forward their decision to buy in the first quarter of the year and secured their family homes just before Christmas. Why? Both families found their own unique version of a “Luxe Life”. Both families have two children, needed to accommodate remote working/home office, with quality internet, four bedrooms, and a pool. Yet, each family was seeking a very different lifestyle. Although the properties were only 20 minutes apart, one offered Palm Springs-inspired canal living on Noosa Waters, while the other offered the privacy of Hinterland acreage.

The Tinbeerwah hinterland home was all about the ability to be “off- grid” amongst the trees, home-grown vegetables, fruit trees, and even homegrown coffee beans and, of course, ocean views across to Noosa. The Palm Springs canal living was all about family entertaining with the pink flamingos in the pool!

Dreaming of Lifestyle Change in 2023?

Christine found her forever home in Noosa Waters, which reminded her very much of her life in Sentosa, Singapore, with SUPs and kayaking a few steps from her patio. As an expat, repatriating to Australia from Singapore, it was very important for Christine to find herself surrounded by a like-minded tribe. She certainly found the right place, as Noosa and its hinterland are often a preferred lifestyle destination for returning expats.

To assist others in making the move, as a buyer’s agent, Christine and her team go beyond the transaction and surround themselves with local professionals and experts in their chosen field to ensure her clients are not only fully informed of the real estate decision but have a soft landing connecting to the community.

If you are looking for a lifestyle change or moving to Noosa and the Sunshine Coast, Christine Mount from Luxe Coastal Property Buyers is one of the most experienced buyers’ agent on the coast and Hinterland. It is not only Christine 30 years in property that sets her apart, but her team has also been based on the Sunshine for over 17 years. The knowledge of local market nuances, property and building background ensures you get the best possible advice during and beyond the transaction!

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