Tips for Moving to the Noosa Hinterland and Living Like a Local!

At Luxe Coastal Property Buyer’s we love having conversations with people about their journey to the Sunshine Coast. Today Christine Mount, Sunshine Coast Property Buyers Agent, and Tara Ferrier discuss the lifestyle benefits of living in the Noosa Hinterland, Tara’s passion for local produce from mud crabs, to freshly laid eggs from the local farmer to the bountiful local produce found at the local IGA.

Tara made the move back to Boreen Point and shifted her career from Bayside Real Estate agent to home renovator and seasoned foodie. Tara touches on how her mother built a treehouse from historic pylons of the Brisbane Pier and how they are only 20 minutes away from Noosa and part of UNESCO awarded biosphere Shire of Noosa.

Boreen Point is a small town located in the Noosa Shire of Queensland. It is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, offering stunning views of Lake Cootharaba and the surrounding national parks. The area is known for its laid-back lifestyle and abundance of outdoor activities, making it an ideal place to live for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

If you’re after some adventure, then there are plenty of options available in Boreen Point! You can take part in water sports such stand-up paddle boarding or windsurfing on Lake Cootharaba, spend your days kayaking or camping at Harrys Hut, or explore one of the many walking trails that wind through nearby national parks like Noosa National Park or the Noosa Everglades. The Noosa Everglades is “the only everglades system in the world where you can safely swim (the other one has alligators!) It stretches across 2 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, the Noosa and Great Sandy. This unique environment is relatively untouched and is one of Australia’s most diverse ecosystems”.

For those who prefer something more leisurely there are also plenty of beaches nearby where you can relax with a good book or simply soak up some sun! Living in Boreen Point offers so much more than just beautiful scenery; it provides an opportunity to experience a unique lifestyle that combines relaxation with adventure and access to fresh local produce all within easy reach!

The local produce available at Boreen Point and surrounding townships, is another major drawcard for residents. The surrounding townships have several farmers’ markets where you can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables grown locally by farmers from around the region. There are also numerous cafes, restaurants and distilleries serving up delicious meals made with ingredients sourced from local producers – perfect if you’re looking for something tasty but don’t want to cook yourself!

One of the highlights of Boreen Point is the The Appollian Hotel which has been beautifully restored by its owners and offers a smokehouse with affordable family meals on Sundays. There is also live music and community music happening during the week with jam sessions.

For those who are making the move to a lifestyle location, Tara & Christine recommend taking time to settle in and live in the property before renovating, this gives you time to understand how you will best use and enjoy the space, given it can be difficult to access tradespeople and expensive to buy materials you want to make the right changes for your unique needs. They also mention that having a good kitchen is important for cooking for oneself or others, particularly if you are a foodie, like Tara!

Tara also recommends joining local Facebook pages and visiting for a week or so before making a move to get a feel for the various areas.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere peaceful yet exciting to call home or just want somewhere special to visit on holiday – Boreen Point should definitely be at the top your list!

A rich resource of information on the Hinterland is Living Your Luxe Life Podcast Series. To listen to the full podcast episode with Tara Ferrier & Christine Mount from Living Your Luxe Life, click here.

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