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Why are people buying property in Noosa?

Situated on the picturesque Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, Noosa Heads is a world-renowned coastal haven that seamlessly melds natural beauty with refinement. This highly sought-after locale promises an exceptional lifestyle defined by breathtaking beaches, verdant landscapes, upscale conveniences and a thriving arts and dining scene.

Noosa “4567”, is an internationally renowned postcode for both the rich and famous, but also people who simply love the outdoor lifestyle. Noosa Heads stands out globally as a lifestyle location for remote working for both entrepreneurs and corporate executives. In an era where remote work has gained tremendous popularity, thanks to advancements in technology that facilitate virtual collaboration and communication, Noosa stands out as an obvious destination of choice.

Buying property in Noosa Heads? A Property Market Overview:

The size of Noosa Heads is approximately 13 square kilometers. It has 18 parks covering nearly 75.8% of the total area, with a population of only 4,500 people (ABS 2016) which increases during the tourist season.

Noosa Heads boasts many distinct sub-market dynamics, such as Little Cove, Hastings Street, Noosa Junction and Noosa Hill, Noosa Parade and Noosa Sound. It is impossible to rely on median house pricing as a guide in this unique suburb, as prices may vary from $27m on Noosa Parade to $600,000 for a unit behind Noosa Junction. Prices can vary not only within each submarket but also on the same street, where properties may be three times the value from one side of the street to the other!

Noosa Heads median property prices over the last 12 months (Oct 2022 – Oct 2023) range from $2.1m for houses to $1.6m for units. If you are looking for an investment property, houses in Noosa Heads rent for a median weekly price of $1000 with an annual rental yield of 2.5% and units rent for a median weekly price of $692.5 with a rental yield of 2.6%.

Population (ABS 2016)4.5k5-year population change
(ABS 2016)
Total Dwellings (houses)1,821Total Dwellings (units)3,280
Av Length of Ownership11.6yrs30-Year Historical Performance7.9%
Median House Price$2,100,000Median Unit Price$1,610,000
% of Owner-Occupiers67.3%% of Renters32.7%
Houses Rental yield2.5%Unit Rental Yield2.6%

Source: Corelogic & Pricefinder October 2023

Top Reasons Why People are Moving to Noosa Heads:

  1. Beachfront Bliss & National Parks: Noosa Heads is synonymous with its pristine beaches, most notably the famous Noosa Main Beach. With soft golden sands and clear blue waters, Noosa’s beaches provide a picturesque setting for swimming, surfing, and basking in the sun. Adjacent to the suburb lies the stunning Noosa National Park, a natural wonderland featuring coastal trails, native wildlife, and breathtaking views of the ocean.
  2. Sophisticated Lifestyle: Noosa Heads exudes a sophisticated ambience that’s complemented by its upscale dining, shopping, and cultural offerings. The iconic Hastings Street is a hub of activity, lined with upmarket boutique shops including the world-famous Toscani Boutique, galleries including ‘The G’ Featuring contemporary fine art, Indigenous art, ceramic art, bronze sculptors and more and world-class restaurants such the beloved Bistro C and Locale, making it a perfect destination for leisurely strolls and gourmet experiences.
  3. Outdoor Activities: Beyond the beaches, Noosa Heads offers a range of outdoor activities, from paddleboarding and kayaking along the tranquil Noosa River to exploring the nearby hinterland with its charming villages, local markets, wineries, and scenic lookouts.
  4. Arts and Culture: The suburb’s cultural scene is vibrant, with galleries, exhibitions, and events celebrating local artists and creative expressions. The Noosa Long Weekend Festival and Noosa Food and Wine Festival are just a few examples of the diverse cultural events that take place here.
  5. High-end Real Estate: Noosa Heads boasts a mix of luxury apartments, stylish townhouses, and elegant houses, many of which capture ocean views or are just steps away from the beach. This upscale real estate market reflects the suburb’s status as a highly desirable coastal destination both for homeowners and property investors alike.
  6. Thriving Community: Despite its global appeal, Noosa Heads maintains a strong sense of community. Regular markets, community gatherings, and local initiatives foster a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that resonates with both residents and visitors.

Living Your Luxe Life Podcast:

Hidden Gems of Noosa Heads, recommended by locals!
Discover the hidden gems in and around Noosa Heads & the Noosa Shire on the Living Your Luxe Life Podcast, as Christine engages with locals who’ve embraced this region as their “home,” and delves into the relationship between home, lifestyle, and community. Through her role as a property buyer’s agent, Christine can dissect the region’s broader economic and property growth influences, situating them within the property cycle.

Top Recommendations for Noosa Heads:

  • Restaurants: Bistro C, Locale, Season, Light Years
  • Walks in Nature: Noosa National Park, Hells Gate, Tea Tree, and Little Cove
  • Arts & Culture: The G Contemporary Gallery
  • Community: Noosa Heads Surf Life Surf Club, Noosa Lions Football Club, Noosa Rugby Union Club, Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club, Rotary Club of Noosa Heads, Noosa Aquatic Centre

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