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Insights into the Sunshine Beach Property Market with Michelle Van der Splinter from Century 21.

Living your Luxe Life: Season 1, Episode 14 October 2022

“Living Your Luxe Life”, podcast series delves into the lives of those who have discovered their ‘Luxe Life’ on the Sunshine Coast. This series explores the connection between home, lifestyle, and community, providing insights into the region’s real estate market, economic factors, and the unique blend of coastal and hinterland living

The conversation with our guest, Michelle van der Splinter from Century 21, dives deep into the Sunshine Coast property market and lifestyle, with a special guest, Michelle van der Splinter from Century 21. With over 20 years of experience in the property industry, Michelle is an expert real estate sales executive in Sunshine Beach, Sunrise Beach, and Noosa Heads areas. So, let’s get started!

A Coastal Journey from Hospitality to Real Estate

Michelle’s journey into the real estate world began in 2000, after a successful career in the competitive Sydney hospitality industry. Her strong sales and marketing background lent her a unique edge as she transitioned to the world of property. She initially sold real estate on Sydney’s lower North Shores before making her way to the picturesque Sunshine Beach. Over the years, Michelle has developed deep trust-based relationships with her clients, leading to a high percentage of repeat and referral business.

Why are people moving to Sunshine Beach?

We explore the charms of Sunshine Beach, often referred to as the playground for the rich and famous, which boasts remarkable growth that has outstripped that of any other Australian suburb. With a staggering 40% growth in just the last year (2022), Sunshine Beach has certainly made a name for itself. However, beyond the numbers, it’s the human side of this coastal town that truly captures hearts.

Michelle highlights the unique allure of Sunshine Beach, offering an array of attractions from the world-class beaches and surf club to the stunning national park. Access to Noosa Heads and Hastings Street is a breeze, making it an ideal blend of convenience and natural beauty. The area boasts a genuine community spirit, with a village atmosphere composed of charming restaurants and cafes including the most loved local haunt, Sunshine Social that invites daily conversations and connections.

Sunshine Beach is known as the Celebrities’ Hideaway

But what about the famous faces that have chosen Sunshine Beach as their haven? From Gina Rinehart’s multimillion-dollar ocean-view property to Kevin Rudd’s regular appearances in local restaurants including the Sunshine Beach Surf Club, these high-profile individuals value the ability to blend into the community and enjoy a discreet, peaceful lifestyle. For many, this is the ultimate appeal of Sunshine Beach – a place where they can find solace away from the spotlight.

What is the price range of property in Sunshine Beach?

Michelle sheds light on the diverse real estate offerings in Sunshine Beach and its neighbouring areas. Although the median house price in Sunshine Beach is $3.3m (September 2022) and individual sales can exceed $20m if fronting the ocean, there are opportunities to acquire a house in the back part of Sunshine Beach at a lesser rate, albeit in need of renovation/land value or alternatively, you could consider a unit, the median price being $1.6m (September 2022). Alternatively, in the neighbouring suburb of Sunrise Beach, a slightly more substantial home could be found, sans the ocean glimpse. Despite the differences, both areas offer unique charms, from the dog-friendly beaches to the welcoming underpasses that provide easy access to the coast.

A lifestyle to treasure – is there a community at Sunshine Beach?

Michelle’s personal experience underscores the community feel that sets Sunshine Beach apart. Having moved to the area in 2002, she was pleasantly surprised by the strong sense of community and the availability of activities for families. The ability to walk to places, and refrain from the constant car usage, was a notable and welcomed change from city life.

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Want to find out more about Sunshine Beach?

In the podcast, Michelle takes us through the recent dynamics of the Sunshine Coast property market. The past couple of years have been unprecedented, with properties disappearing from the market within 24 hours and buyers conducting virtual inspections via platforms like FaceTime. However, the urgency has gradually normalized, and the market now resembles a balanced state, where there is definitely a flight to quality, with a limited supply of A-Grade properties. However, there are entry-level properties such as 2-bedroom units starting from $850,000 to $900,000.

If you’re interested in learning more about Sunshine Beach we invite you to explore our Sunshine Beach Suburb Profile. Here, we provide an up-to-date market overview and highlight the factors that make this area an attractive choice for both homebuyers and investors.

Amidst changing market conditions, Michelle emphasizes the importance of property fundamentals: location remains paramount. As buyers seek opportunities, units and townhouses present investment options. Additionally, properties on busier roads offer value for those willing to look beyond the bustling streets.

In the podcast, Michelle’s insights have illuminated the Sunshine Coast’s property market and lifestyle. From the rich and famous seeking solace to the vibrant community spirit, this coastal paradise continues to captivate hearts. Whether you’re considering a buying high-end investment property or a family home, Sunshine Beach and its surroundings offer a diverse range of options that cater to various preferences and budgets.

Which street reigns supreme in Sunshine Beach? Seaview Terrace, nestled in Sunshine Beach, Queensland, has garnered distinction as Queensland’s foremost street for lavish coastal living, as affirmed by the REA Group. Its premier beachfront position and captivating panoramas have propelled it into high demand among prospective homeowners and investors alike. This commendation from the REA Group serves to reinforce the prestige and desirability of Seaview Terrace.

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