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We have conversations with people who have found HOME on the Sunshine Coast.


We have conversations with people who have found HOME on the Sunshine Coast.

Q. How will engaging a Buyer’s Agent benefit me? 

Our expertise and local knowledge ensures you’ll secure your dream home on the terms and conditions that best suit your needs. We’re seasoned negotiators with the ability to assess fair value in any given market circumstances. Our knowledge and skills remove the risk of your overpaying in a tight market, missing out on a fantastic opportunity, or pursuing a property that doesn’t fit your lifestyle. We’ll ensure you avoid these costly mistakes and give you a competitive edge. Living here is aspirational, but we can always find a style of home to meet varying budgets and needs. 

Q. Are you independent? 

Yes, our focus is 100% on you, the buyer. Real Estate Agents are appointed by the vendor to secure the maximum price for their client. While we nurture strong and respectful relationships with all local agents, we are ultimately acting in your best interests at every step. We would never recommend a property that is not aligned to your aspirations, or convince you to pay more than your budget allows. 

Q. How do I access off-market deals? 

We nurture close relationships with local real estate professionals and the wider community, so we’re often aware of upcoming listings before they hit the market. We’ll give you access to off-market properties and crucial first look opportunities.

Q. What type of due diligence do you undertake? 

We create transparency in a somewhat opaque Queensland market due to the underlying principle of ‘buyer beware’. Here, the buyer is required to do their own investigations on the property as the seller has limited obligations to disclose information about existing dwellings. We arrange building and pest inspections, and uncover any public information available on the property. Legislation in this area differs from Victoria and NSW, so we’ll navigate the sales contract on your behalf, including terms and conditions that suit your needs as a buyer. 

Q. Hinterland, River or Beach?

There’s so much natural beauty on offer, it can be difficult to decide. We’ll help you prioritise your most important aspirations so we can develop a uniquely personal brief for you. You’ll have a few non-negotiable boxes to tick, and some ‘nice to have’ options, and all of these will be incorporated in our guidance. 

Q. I only come to Noosa for holidays. Is it a good place to live permanently?

Noosa is internationally renowned, but many tourists only know Hastings Street and Little Cove. Postcode 4567 includes Noosa Heads, Sunshine Beach and Sunrise Beach. The Sunshine Coast region has more than 100km of stunning coastline with lush, dramatic landscapes. We listen to your needs and look beyond the obvious locations. Many of our clients spread their wings to secure their luxe life, finding a suburb or town they may not have previously considered. They’re also pleased to discover a vibrant and strong local economy that is supported by domestic and international connectivity. 

Q. Will I find a like minded community? I’m really nervous about starting over and building new connections and new friendships.

As an expat, Christine has integrated herself into many new communities over the years, and she’s happy to report that the Sunshine Coast has some of the most welcoming and diverse friendship groups she has discovered. If you’re willing to try new experiences and activities, there’s no limit to the number of new people you will meet. Download the Luxe ebook to discover some of the wonderful ways you can become involved in the local community. 

Q. Am I too young to move to the Sunshine Coast? Isn’t all retirees?

According to the 2016 ABS statistics, the average age in the region is 44 years old. Children under 14 years of age make up 17.8% of the population, with many young families supporting a growing economy. Whatever your age, you’ll be able to connect with like-minded people and carve out your own luxe life. 

Q. Is now a good time to buy? 

According to independent analysis from SQM Research, the Sunshine Coast is forecast to outperform larger capital cities in 2022 with a projected median price growth of 7-12%. Offering all the sophistication of an urban life in a regional setting, we expect Noosa and surrounds to continue to be at the forefront of growth trends as they outperform major cities.

Over the past 12 months, the property market on the Sunshine Coast has experienced very strong growth in dwelling prices (17%), increased rents (28%) and almost non-existent rental vacancy rates (0.5%). Based on growth in median house prices in 2021, four of the top performing 15 regional cities in Australia are located on the Sunshine Coast, including Minyama (49.7%), Buddina (44.3%) and Sunshine Beach (47.6%). Download the Luxe ebook for a detailed market snapshot. 


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