We have conversations with people who have found HOME on the Sunshine Coast.

Following 16 years of living in Singapore, Christine Mount moved to Noosa and now utilises her experience to comprehend a client’s motives for moving to the Sunshine Coast, ensuring their new property aligns with their long-term lifestyle aspirations.

Although she successfully integrated into her community, Christine acknowledges that expats returning home or relocating may face challenges.

The allure of an exciting new life, swapping the exhausting ‘treadmill’ for a stunning natural environment, might seem like an easy decision. However, a successful move requires careful planning, considering issues like reverse culture shock and adapting to a new domestic environment.

As a buyer’s agent, Christine and her team go beyond transactions. They collaborate with local professionals and experts to ensure clients smoothly transition and establish community connections and support.

What kind of problems do expats face when returning home?

• Connecting to a resource filled, liked minded community, even before you even return. Aussie Expats Coming Home provides an enormous resource “tried and tested”, for expats by expats. The facebook group has engaging conversations, with over 12,000 members across the globe, providing support to those navigating the return back. There are also regular local face to face catchups so you can connect with likeminded people living in the community.

• Be clear about your lifestyle goals: Logistical hurdles often arise when dreaming of relocating to a lifestyle destination like Noosa. It’s essential to be honest about desires and end goals. Gathering pertinent data and key information is crucial for an informed decision .While focusing on real estate fundamentals, Christine prioritizes her clients’ best interests, balancing emotional and practical considerations during significant geographical shifts.

• Lifestyle and Property Tours: Christine and her team offer bespoke lifestyle and Property Tours, enabling clients to explore the lifestyle location from a “home” perspective, not just as a vacation spot. Living in this area differs significantly from holidaying here. The tailored tours and advice help clients view the region through a local’s practical lens. For instance, if you’re accustomed to city living or reside abroad, hinterland acreage properties and small coastal towns may be unfamiliar territory. They provide comprehensive resources for informed decisions, managing expectations, and facilitating a gentle entry into a new life.

Luxe Coastal Property Buyers are not only one of the most experienced buyer’s agency in Noosa and the Sunshine Coast, we are also a team of expats who understand the trials and tribulations of repatriation and finding community upon your return.

Personally, Christine found it much easier to connect to the community in Noosa, a lifestyle, compared to the big city of Melbourne – where people were firmly embedded on their own “tram tracks of life”. There are many expats on the Sunshine Coast, who gravitate to the great outdoors. Expats can connect with regular catch-ups, hosted by Aussie Expats Coming Home. This ensures you have a readymade tribe, on arrival. We love soft landings in your new home! Join the Facebook- group to keep fully informed.