S2E03: “Living your Luxe Life” Podcast

In this episode Christine Mount from Luxe Coastal Property Buyers speaks to Nick Humbert, who has recently returned to Noosa from the UK, they delve into the advantages of living in the Noosa Shire, highlighting the stunning beaches, picturesque hinterland, independent coffee shops, bookstores, gift shops, art galleries, and local markets as key attractions.

They also recommend must-visit destinations near Noosa, such as Pomona, Dingo Creek Vineyard, and the Mary Valley, which offer a unique countryside experience and stress the importance of exploring beyond the confines of the popular “Noosa bubble” and discovering the wider region, including charming towns such as Pomona, Maleny, and Kenilworth. These unique townships offer their distinct personalities, each boasting renowned restaurants, cafes, boutique shops, and breathtaking views of the hinterland and coastline.

Nick shares his personal experience of settling in Noosa after initially moving to the Sunshine Coast five years ago. He eventually found home in the beautiful country town of Pomona situated in the Noosa Hinterland, where he spent 3 wonderful years. Pomona is just a short 30-minute drive from Noosa, a perfect place to base yourself for the weekend and explore the region. Nick highlights attractions in Pomona such as Spill The Beans café, known for its lovely terrace garden and cool vibe. For the adventurous (and fit!), he recommends hiking up Mount Cooroora for breathtaking 360-degree views of the hinterland.

Afterwards Nick suggests heading back down to the Pomona high street, they have a fabulous little gin distillery, Pomona Distilling Co, with a wonderful bar and garden out the back. You can choose from an amazing menu of gin which they distill and brew on-site, they also have great beers and food as well and an amazing buzz with live music “it’s a really great atmosphere”

Further afield in the hinterland, Nick mentions the hidden gem of Dingo Creek Vineyard, where visitors can enjoy a leisurely Sunday afternoon sipping wine and savouring a cheese board while taking in the scenic beauty, all within 45 minutes of Noosa.

Tips on moving to a lifestyle location like the Sunshine Coast:

Nick also touches on the importance of adapting to the early rising and working culture of the region and shares insights into the unique lifestyle and property considerations of living in the Noosa hinterland, including the benefits and drawbacks of having acreage and the significance of indoor-outdoor balance.

Nick volunteers as a host on community radio station Noosa FM 101.3 and is a digital nomad with a global role that allows him to live and work remotely from anywhere in the world. In terms of practicalities, Nick highlights the convenience of living in the Noosa shire in terms of proximity to international airports, with Brisbane International Airport just a two-hour drive away and the Sunshine Coast Airport a mere 30 minutes away. He also emphasizes the availability of high-speed broadband internet across the region, facilitating remote working opportunities, and the presence of co working spaces that offer convenience and opportunities to connect with a diverse range of people.

Additionally, Nick and Christine provide advice for those considering a move to the Sunshine Coast, including the option of participating in property tours to gain a better understanding of different areas and the lifestyle they offer.

While Noosa remains a popular destination, they encourage exploring beyond its borders to discover hidden gems like the Eumundi Markets, Glass House Mountains, Buderim Forest Park, and Caloundra Coastal Walk. By venturing off the beaten path, individuals can immerse themselves in a truly unique Australian experience and uncover the treasures of the Sunshine Coast.

For more information on the Noosa Hinterland, the Living Your Luxe Life Podcast Series offers a wealth of lifestyle and property insights. To listen to the full podcast episode with Nick Humbert and Christine Mount, click here .

Noosa Property Market Overview

Noosa Heads a popular holiday destination in Queensland, has experienced a significant increase in property prices. Over the past five years, apartment prices in the area have more than doubled, rising by 179.5% to reach a median price of $1,775,000. House prices also saw a substantial jump, increasing by 129.2% to a median of $2.2 million. The surge in prices can be attributed to increased demand from sea-changers and holiday home buyers during the pandemic, as well as a shortage of high-quality, larger units in the area. The ban on short-term accommodation in houses in low-density residential zones by Noosa Council also redirected investor funds toward apartments. The return of overseas buyers, particularly from South Africa, New Zealand, and China, has further bolstered demand. The preference for larger, high-quality apartments with communal amenities has also contributed to the popularity of units in Noosa. Overall, the limited supply of good apartments, coupled with high demand, has fuelled the upward trajectory of property prices in the area.To find out more read the article on property news – the holiday hotspot with the steepest home price growth.

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